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What Does DDS Mean to You?

What Does DDS Mean to You?

I think that the greatest thing DDS did for me was offer personal relationships with my teachers. Having gone to DDS from kindergarten to 8th grade, it just seemed normal to me to know my teachers well...to have teachers who knew me well, and cared about not only my academic progress, but also about nurturing my personal interests. Today, as a guitar teacher, I strive to create the same positive influence on my students, with the hope that it will benefit them as much as my DDS education benefited me.

Alex Nolan '98

When I was in third grade, I wrote a poem about a tree that was visible through the window beside my desk. I was proud of the finished product, but was eager to see what my writing teacher thought. I took it over to her, nervously thrusting it in her hands, and waited as she read it. She finished it quickly and looked up at me, grinning. She said one word: "Yes!" And with that one syllable, she gave me confidence that I still carry with me today. At Dutchess, the teachers never resent being there. In fact, there are times when they seem even more eager than the students. I distinctly remember one teacher getting particularly worked up about the fact that it was impossible to make what she deemed "good tea" on top of a mountain, because the boiling point of water much lower. At the time, I found her antics a bit funny, but I never forgot that the boiling point of water is lower at higher altitudes. The teachers at Dutchess make the school what it is. They love what they do and, as a student, it was impossible not to be inspired by their devotion to teaching and their passion for learning.

Maggie Haas '07

As a teacher today, I am convinced that the middle school years play an important and formative role in the life of a student. Looking back on my own middle school experience, I feel lucky to have spent that time at Dutchess Day. The teachers at DDS taught me to ask difficult questions, to seek honest answers, and to be an active participant in my own learning process. The faculty was willing to listen to me and always there to laugh with me. At Dutchess, I learned to read, to write, to experiment, to play. I made incredible friends. More importantly, however, I graduated with a strong sense of self and an eager desire to seek new challenges. Thank you, Dutchess, for a wonderful five years.

Reed Weeden '95

There is something special about a “pre-K to 8” school: as students progress together as friends and classmates from early childhood to the brink of adulthood, they hold a real affection for DDS because it is a wonderful place to grow up.

Charles Umiker, former teacher

I have always liked Gym. Probably everyone does. I specifically like Gym because you have games of your choice on your birthday. I also like Gym because I am very active. It also gets you moving for the rest of the day. I think Gym is called Gym because the “G” stands for “Get” and the “Y” stands for “Yourself” and the “M” stands for “Moving”. Together it’s “Get Yourself Moving”! I still think of it that way today. I also like sports and you play sports in Gym (a.k.a. Get Yourself Moving).

Jack '14

One day in art class probably in 3rd grade, we were all free-drawing and listening to the Beatles. A song came on everyone knew and before we knew it we were all up on our feet, singing and dancing with Ms. Mac.(1 on the tables) It was one of those moments of pure joy in your childhood that stays with you forever. DDS has given me plenty of those.


Not only do I have a solid knowledge base which prepared me for my high school academic career, but I have a love of learning and an inquisitive mind-set which prepared me for life.


I remember when I first visited and someone asked if I wanted to sit next to him. Now I am his best friend.

Will '14

I like to get out of bed every day because I get to see my teachers and my classmates. I like to play with all the girls and sometimes the boys. I like doing the play and I like to sing the songs.

Amanda '14

School is Fun” – I love school. I love the classes, they are so cool and I get to learn science, cursive, math and writing. I have the nicest teachers in our school!

Ava '14

This is my fifth year here and so far I've loved it. Also this year I've met a lot of new friends. It’s a lot of different than last year because this is the first year I get grades. The school has a lot of sports. My favorite is field hockey. We do a lot of running, hitting field hockey balls and a lot more. One of my favorite subjects is writing. Because I love the things that our teacher wants us to do. If I didn't go to this school I would try to get in as fast as I can.

Danielle '12

This year is my sixth year at DDS. I am a fifth grader and my teacher is Ms. Yates. Some of my experiences at DDS are when my class and I hatched chick eggs in kindergarten, when I was in the third grade play, when we learned about ancient Egypt in fourth grade, and tasted blueberry syrup in social studies.

Samantha '12

I love every subject but my favorite subject in school is science. Recently in science we made mouse trap cars. They are regular wooden model cars but with a specially modified mouse trap.

Samantha '12

At Dutchess Day, it is like my second home. The people here are really nice and they are like a family. Since it is small you know everyone here. The teachers are really nice and have a lot of knowledge in the subject they teach. The classes are really fun and you still learn a lot. The 5th through 8th grades still get recess. The chef makes a lot of homemade foods and the food is really good! The sports teams are really good and it is socially good. There is a Student Leadership Council. The mascot is a tiger and it is really cool.

Jake '12

Here at Dutchess Day School everybody knows everyone. We have a lot of community meetings through the school with Monday Morning assemble and Friday assembly. The school believes sports are good exercise. I’m in soccer, golf and volleyball. The school believes it doesn't matter if you win or lose it just matters if you had fun.

Ben '12

My favorite thing at DDS is art class. I love how I can practically do anything. I love to draw, paint and do any assignments asked. My second favorite is reading. You can read anything and it is so quiet. Everyone is so relaxed and, as I say, “in the zone”. I love the “zone”! My third favorite subject is social studies. I love the projects you can do! You don’t have only one choice when you’re there, you have at least five.

Tia '13

At DDS my favorite time of the day is reading. It calms me down and makes me happy. When I read I am in my own world and it is hard to get me out of it. I like how I get to read a variety of books.

The times I feel most happy in school are when I hear people reading or reciting my poems and when we do clock partners.

I've learned to work together in gym and have patience for others to speak in class debates. In history we do skits to get things to make sense and in math we do games to make it fun. In art we learn about the artists and countries we are styling from. In writing there are pictures and objects for us to write about. I think DDS’s small classes help teachers know their students so they can help them more. At DDS learning is fun!

I like the way that school is like a third home. I like to see my friends every day. I love reading new books at reading time or just rereading a good book.

Winny '13

DDS has really welcomed me this year as a new student. I have made a lot of new friends. Reading is one of my favorite periods. I really like just sitting down with a good book. All of the teachers are very nice here. Writing workshop is really fun. I like writing stories. DDS is a really good school.