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Annual Fund FAQs

Annual Fund FAQs

How does the Annual Fund affect DDS’s operating budget?

The annual fund accounts for approximately ten percent of the school’s operating expenses for the current school year. Each year DDS relies on a combination of tuition income, charitable contributions and revenues from auxiliary programs to balance its budget. The goal for 2015-2016 is $260,000, and all monies collected will go directly to fund operations in the current fiscal year.

Who participates in the annual fund?

Members of the entire Dutchess Day school community participate in the annual fund. The school solicits annual fund gifts from current parents, trustees, alumni, grandparents, faculty, staff, past parents and members of the community. The broad participation DDS enjoys from these constituencies demonstrates solidarity within the school community and widespread support of the school’s mission.

Why is participation in the annual fund so important?

Meeting DDS’s budget requires contributions, both small and large, from the entire community. We also look to outside sources, particularly foundations, for financial support. Foundations are more inclined to award grants to schools that have high constituent participation levels. As the school tries to reduce its reliance on tuition, it must increase revenues from all other sources including annual fund gifts, foundation grants, and revenues from fundraising activities. The annual fund is the single most important way to maintain DDS’s tradition of excellence, and enriches every area of student life by providing the finest academic resources, small class sizes, visual and performing arts, athletics, character education, experiential education, and community services programs, among many other aspects of a DDS education. The annual fund helps limit tuition increases, attract and retain outstanding faculty, support an unmatched technology program, ensure economic diversity of the student body, maintain the school’s remarkable facility and campus, and strengthen our spirit of community.

Do small gifts have an impact on the annual fund?

Absolutely! Regardless of the level of your gift, it is an expression of concern for the well-being of DDS. Every gift makes a difference.

Please contact Vanessa Park, Director of Development at vpark@dutchessdaysch.org if you have any questions. The more feedback we receive, the better equipped we are to refine our fundraising process in the future.

All gifts are greatly appreciated regardless of size!