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Your privacy is important to us and we understand how important it is to you. Therefore, we have created this online privacy statement to help you learn and follow how we handle your information. Although it is not necessary to provide any personal information when you visit the Dutchess Day School website, you may, at some point, provide personal information when you submit an inquiry to us. Under these circumstances, Dutchess Day School strives to protect your information and will not distribute personally identifying information to outside entities or companies without the consent of the user.

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  1. Dutchess Day School provides access to this site free of charge to provide information about Dutchess Day School, its mission program and facilities. By accessing this site you agree, without limitation or qualification, to abide by the terms and conditions set forth below and all applicable laws, statutes, ordinances and regulations. The sole authorized use of the site is to obtain information about Dutchess Day School and no other use is permitted.
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  3. Dutchess Day School assumes no responsibility for the security of this site or your communications with this site. It is strictly prohibited to link other sites with this site without Dutchess Day School’s prior written permission. We may permit some links for convenience, but Dutchess Day School has no responsibility for the unaffiliated sites to which it may be linked or for material posted to this site by anyone other than Dutchess Day School.
  4. We cannot guarantee or warrant the security of any data you submit to us. However, we will use reasonable efforts to provide the confidentiality of e-mails, résumés, applications or inquiries sent to us for purpose of seeking information or for inquiring into potential employment with us, in accordance with our employment policies. Any e-mail, resume or submission you send to us will be used only for internal purposes. Please be aware that submission of your resume or application may not be considered and we are under no obligation to respond to such solicitations. Dutchess Day School is an equal opportunity employer.
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  8. Use of this site is subject to all of the terms and conditions contained herein, which you as a user accept by contacting and using this site and all results thereof.
  9. Dutchess Day School serves the right to revise and update these terms and conditions at any time, effective the date of posting to the site of the new and/or amended terms.

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