Dear DDS Alums,

It is you that Dutchess Day faculty and staff think of when they want to remind themselves just how meaningful their life work is. You spend a few years with us—one, three, six, nine—and then go out into the world. Though you attend at least two more schools before you are through with formal education, you never forget us, and the feeling is mutual.

Staying connected with you—all the people who attended DDS at some point in your life—is really important to us. You may not get that yet, but take our word for it. We want to know how you are. We love hearing what you are doing, where you live, whether you are married, or have children, what your passions and dreams are.

Keep in touch with us, please! Send news and photos of you, your children, your DDS classmates, your adventures. If we have your contact information (both email and mailing address), we will send you the Courtyard every year, with alumni news and lots of other great updates about your alma mater. We will also send you invitations to alumni gatherings, and yes, we will probably send you a letter every fall asking if you would like to give to Dutchess Day. Though we hope you will consider us in your charitable giving, whether you give or not—it changes nothing about how we feel about you, and you’ll still get the fun mail too!

Please send your information, photos, or inquiries to Eileen Shaw at
"There is something special about a “pre-K to 8” school: as students progress together as friends and classmates from early childhood to the brink of adulthood, they hold a real affection for DDS because it is a wonderful place to grow up."
- Charles Umiker, former teacher