Spring Sports

Spring Sports start at the beginning of April, following spring break. Our school fields are the venue for practices and home games for our boys and girls lacrosse teams. Tennis is also offered and makes use of both school and local facilities. The tennis team is coed.

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  • Girls and Boys Lacrosse

    Girls and Boys Lacrosse teams comprise students in fifth through eighth grades. Participants have numbered approximately 15 for each team over the past 5 years. Home games and practices take place on the school fields and opponents are again predominantly independent schools in the region.
  • Tennis

    Tennis continues to be a very popular spring sport. Over the past 5 years we have averaged 20 students participating each year. Practices are held at our new school tennis courts. Most home games are at DDS while some are held on the superb clay courts at the Millbrook Golf and Tennis Club. Our lower school gym is used as an indoor court in wet weather. Our opponents are again local independent schools.