Studio Arts

In the art room, students are taught a blend of art history and studio art skills.
As second graders learn about Vincent van Gogh’s paintings, they may create their own interpretations of the starry night motif. Studying Picasso and the Cubist movement in third grade, students build 3-D cubist sculptures of guitars or African masks. Sculpture, pottery, painting, drawing, mixed media, as well as set design and construction give the art program at Dutchess Day School a wide ranging and rich opportunity for each child to explore visual art. Art and sustainability often partner as projects make use of found, reused and recycled objects.

The art teacher does community outreach through art by initiating student art exhibits and openings throughout the region. In recent years, a Day of the Dead art project has tied us with the Poughkeepsie community through the Mid-Hudson Heritage Center and the Hudson River Housing Project to create events that bring cultures together. The school exhibits every year at the Montgomery Row Art Exhibition gallery in Rhinebeck, NY, as well as at local banks and libraries. By connecting students to the artistic past, to their communities, and to their peers in other schools, the art program enriches not only their creative lives but their lives as engaged citizens of the world.