The music program, in much the same way, makes music both very personal for each child, but also uses it as an opportunity for outreach through public performances and special learning occasions with young musicians from other schools, regions, states or even countries.
In addition to music classes in which students learn the fundamentals of singing, instrumentation, movement, basic music theory and composition, listening skills, music history and appreciation, students also have the opportunity to study a musical instrument, and participate in a choral and/or instrumental ensemble. Our young musicians and singers perform in recitals and concerts throughout the school year, and have the option of participating in NYSSMA solo evaluations. DDS is regularly represented at local all county music festivals. Our music director personally mentors our young musicians and singers, accompanies them to competitions and makes available to them countless opportunities in the music field.
"As a teacher today, I am convinced that the middle school years play an important and formative role in the life of a student. Looking back on my own middle school experience, I feel lucky to have spent that time at Dutchess Day. The teachers at DDS taught me to ask difficult questions, to seek honest answers, and to be an active participant in my own learning process. The faculty was willing to listen to me and always there to laugh with me. At Dutchess, I learned to read, to write, to experiment, to play. I made incredible friends. More importantly, however, I graduated with a strong sense of self and an eager desire to seek new challenges. Thank you, Dutchess, for a wonderful five years."
- Reed Weeden '95