Creativity at Dutchess Day School

Dutchess Day School offers exceptionally strong and sophisticated programs in visual arts and music, as well as in drama in the form of class plays.
At every grade level, our music and art teachers, active practitioners in their fields, strive to awaken each child’s creativity. Students shape and fire clay pots, learn to play the recorder, dulcimer and guitar, design and build architectural models, compose instrumental quartets, and much more.
“At every grade level, our music and art teachers – active practitioners in their fields – strive to awaken each child’s creativity.”
At DDS, we believe that the arts are a fundamental part of our academic curriculum.
Art and music are integrated into our program through projects directly related to class work. As first graders study Asia, they learn Chinese brush painting and build sculptures of Buddha in art class. The examination of European musical styles throughout history and global music broaden students’ musical and historical awareness. The musical roots of American jazz dovetails nicely with the study of American history in 7th grade, for example.