Dutchess Day School’s library has a bright and inviting atmosphere where children can explore, learn and read.
From kindergarten through fourth grade, students take weekly library classes to learn basic library arts skills and find engaging books to check out and take home. Upper schoolers use the library for research, using laptops for internet research, and the extensive collection of sources for various classes including science and history.

Our 11,000 volume catalog is automated and available for electronic search. Students have learned how to determine a book’s availability, check out and in borrowed books, and see which books they have out. Teaching autonomy in using the library and its resources and making books readily available are our primary goals.

For additional information please contact Jean Cook, Director of Technology/Media Specialist.
"Not only do I have a solid knowledge base which prepared me for my high school academic career, but I have a love of learning and an inquisitive mind-set which prepared me for life."
- Anonymous