Who We Are

In 1955, when the idea for an independent school in Millbrook was brought to fruition in two rooms at a local inn, something very special was born. Since then, Dutchess Day School has remained true to its roots and its mission while always growing and evolving and never, ever resting on its laurels. As the school’s mission statement says, we value children’s curiosity and foster their enthusiasm for learning.

How do we do that?

By tapping into their curiosity, creativity and imagination. By providing them with teachers who are experts in their fields and are passionate about teaching. By giving children the opportunity to think independently, become responsible citizens, explore art, theater and music, learn how to compete on the athletic fields and communicate with power and efficacy.

The school, now housed in a renovated 19th century farmhouse, manages to hit the perfect balance between academic rigor and a coziness and warmth in which students and adults feel safe. The school exudes, to quote our mission again, “an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect where students are encouraged to take intellectual risks, use their imaginations, and develop independence and confidence.”
“DDS gives children the opportunity to think independently, explore art and music, learn how to compete on the athletic fields and how to communicate with power and efficacy.”
Dutchess Day School welcomes motivated students of good character who have the potential for academic success and who will contribute to the school community.

Wander through our website to see what our school offers, and what our broader constituency brings to us. Then come for a visit to see the enthusiasm and feel the energy for yourself! Ours is a true collaboration among dedicated teachers and staff, committed and supportive parents, and very special children.