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Overview of Development at DDS

Overview of Development at DDS

Located on the second floor, the development office is responsible for the school’s fundraising, alumni and communications activities. The office coordinates all fundraising, keeps in touch with alumni, past parents and grandparents, supports the parents association, manages the DDS website, and produces print and electronic publications including The Courtyard and Annual Report.

Annual Giving

Each year a team of current parents in addition to representatives of our alumni, past parents, grandparents, faculty and board members, leads the effort to raise money for the annual operational and instructional expenses not covered by tuition. The annual fund represents approximately ten percent of the school’s operating budget, and helps limit tuition increases, attract and retain outstanding faculty, support an unmatched academic program, ensure economic diversity of the student body, maintain the school’s remarkable campus, and strengthen our spirit of community. The annual fund is the single most important way to maintain Dutchess Day school’s tradition of excellence.

Charitable Contributions

Dutchess Day school is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization. Therefore, charitable gifts to DDS are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. The school asks parents to make DDS a philanthropic priority. Parents are asked to make annual contributions (see annual giving) to enhance the educational opportunities for the students. In addition, the school seeks leadership gifts for facilities, endowment, and other special projects. Please contact the development office to learn more about the specific giving opportunities and the school’s strategic priorities.

Planned Giving

Another form of charitable gift-giving comes in the form of planned giving. The Tower Society allows us to formally recognize planned giving donors during their lifetimes.


We regularly seek grants from foundations for specific opportunities that arise, relating to program, the facility or special events.

Special Events

Our school community is tight-knit and our parent volunteers work in conjunction with the development office to plan and launch special events from the annual book fair to special luncheons that coordinate with curriculum, and from back-to-school nights to the big spring fundraiser.

The Courtyard

Published for alumni, parents, past parents, grandparents and friends, the school’s magazine comes out twice a year. The first edition, in the winter, contains articles on school activities and education-related issues, communications from the administration and alumni news. The summer Courtyard, a literary edition, contains writing by all current students.

Annual Report

This annual summary of fundraising at DDS for the previous fiscal year identifies all donors to the annual fund, and other strategic initiatives, including special events.

If you would like to learn more about joining our efforts and becoming a volunteer or making a donation, please contact, Vanessa Park, Director of Development, Alumni Affairs and Communications at vpark@dutchessdaysch.org.