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Express Yourself Art Exhibit

December 2 through December 30 at Montgomery Row Second Level in Rhinebeck, NY at 6423 Montgomery Street (Rt. 9).

“Express Yourself” a group exhibit is a Dutchess Day School Arts Event with paintings by Dutchess Day School students in first, third and eighth grades

“Express Yourself” contains sixty art works reflecting the self-concepts of the students who created each self-portrait. As the students vary in size and age, so do the works vary in size and media. The artwork is all self-portrait, with each of the participating grades approaching the genre from a different angle. The kindergarteners painted directly onto large photographs of themselves. Encouraged to use any style, incorporate wacky colors, and add creative backdrops, hairstyles and clothing, the young students created vibrant, whimsical self-portraits. The first graders drew their own outlines from looking at a mirror, and used paint creatively to add color, texture, and character, either realistically or not. Third graders learned about Matisse and Picasso, their art, their friendship and their mutual influences. To honor the two painters, the students split their paintings in half. Half – including face and background – is painted in the style of Matisse, the other half in the style of Picasso, mainly focusing on Cubism. Eighth graders, the seniors of the school, had free choice. Encouraged to use an expressive, loose approach, students utilized a wide range of creative inspirations, media, and styles. Examples are: collage, wood assemblage, painting, and more. Artistic influences for these young artists include David Hockney, Roy Lichtenstein, Rage comics, and Anime.

Montgomery Row Second Level art exhibition space is pleased to host the third annual show of Dutchess Day School art program.

For more information on “Express Yourself”, please contact Sue Hartshorn (845.876.0543 / suehartshorn@frontiernet.net) or Alison MacFarlane (845.677.5014 / roland@dutchessday.org). For information about Dutchess Day School visit the school’s website: dutchessday.org).