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5th Grade “Help the Homeless” Campaign, Oct. 7 – Oct. 24

Please help our 5th grade gather as many items as possible needed by the Poughkeepsie homeless shelter. These items include adult socks and underwear, paper towels, pillows (and cases), spray deodorant, wash cloths, soaps and shampoos (particularly sample sized), laundry detergent and bleach, towels, shaving cream and disposable razors, cleaning supplies, blankets, feminine hygiene products, mops and brooms, dishtowels, toothbrushes, cereals and any type of snacks (chips, goldfish, cheese crackers) etc. Please do not send in any clothes except for socks, underwear, and winter hats! We have two collection bins. One is located outside the glass double doors where school drop-off takes place and the other is just outside the Bontecou gym door (the one that faces the road).

We will be collecting items through Monday, October 24th. 

*Please start thinking about this now so we can give maximum help to the homeless shelter just as the weather starts to get cold.